NFPA 25: 2020 (pdf)

NFPA 25: 2020 (pdf)


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Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, 2017 edition

This document establishes the minimum requirements for the periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems and the actions to undertake when changes in occupancy, use, process, materials, hazard, or water supply that potentially impact the performance of the water-based system are planned or identified.

Coordination with NFPA 72 Testing Requirements.

The inspection, testing, and maintenance required by this standard and NFPA 72 shall be coordinated so that the system operates as intended.

All inspections, testing, and maintenance required by NFPA 72 shall conform to NFPA 72, and all inspections, testing, and maintenance required by this standard shall conform to this standard.

This standard does not address all of the inspection, testing, and maintenance of the electrical components of the automatic fire detection equipment used to activate preaction and deluge systems that are addressed by NFPA 72.

The types of systems addressed by this standard include, but are not limited to, sprinkler, standpipe and hose, fixed water spray, private fire hydrants, water mist, and foam water.

Water supplies that are part of these systems, such as private fire service mains and appurtenances, fire pumps and water storage tanks, and valves that control system flow, are also included in this standard.

This standard addresses the operating condition of fire protection systems as well as impairment handling and reporting and applies to fire protection systems that have been properly installed in accordance with generally accepted practice.

This standard does not require the inspector to verify the adequacy of the design of the system.

Corrective action needed to ensure that a system operates in a satisfactory manner shall be in accordance with this standard unless this standard specifically refers to an appropriate installation standard.

Unless required by Chapter 16, this standard shall not apply to sprinkler systems designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with NFPA 13D.