IATA Airline Coding Directory – eACD: 2019/2020 [web download]


IATA Airline Coding Directory – eACD: 2019/2020 [web download]

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90th Edition – WEB Download
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IATA Airline Coding Directory (eACD) – WEB Download, 90th Edition – 2019 Download

(for Windows only, requires IATA Reader installation)

The Airline Coding Directory (ACD) is the official industry source for airline designator codes, three-digit airline numeric codes and location identifiers. It also includes ISO currency, country codes, lists contacts for Minimum Connecting Times (MCT), coordinators and airlines applying reconfirmation procedures, as well as the Numeric Location Type Code.

A Windows-based solution providing exactly the same information. The Monthly Bulletins in PDF are now available in a web download version. This enhancement allows IATA to update the information such as new airlines, designators and location identifiers on a more frequent basis, i.e. from two times a year to 12 times a year.

The Directory also includes ISO currency and country codes and lists contacts for minimum connecting time co-coordinators and airlines applying reconfirmation procedures. Both the airline codes (Chapter 1, Section 2) and the location identifiers (Chapter 11, Section 11.6) are available electronically in a web download format (ACSII Text updated daily) for integration in your organizations’ systems.

Who uses it:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
System Providers
Ground Handlers
Government Agencies & Librairies
Travel Agents

Published annually in English.

Effective Date: Jun 1, 2019 until May 31, 2020

9993-90, IATA ACD, IATA eACD



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