Chemical Tankers, a Pocket Safety Guide: 2022 [paper]

Chemical Tankers, a Pocket Safety Guide: 2022 [paper]

Chemical Tankers: A Pocket Safety Guide – 3rd Edition


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SKU 1042644
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This book explores best practices on tankers carrying chemical and similar hazardous products and provides a good introduction to safe tanker practice, terminology and standards. It is not a detailed operational guide, but is aimed as basic safety information for seafarers of all ranks and positions. It is suitable for seafarers who may be rejoining a tanker after leave for example, or for a person with little or no experience on tankers, in particular cadets and new ratings. Ideally, it should be read to aid the familiarisation process whenever you join a tanker.

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code sets standards for your company’s safety management system (SMS) and operating manuals. These will provide the details and procedures to allow you to work safely at sea, so you must follow them carefully. This book is an addition to these standards and not an alternative to them.

As a crew member working with dangerous cargoes, you should have a clear understanding of operations on board a tanker. Therefore, you are encouraged to seek further information and detail beyond the overview of subjects given here. In particular, you should read the CDI publication ‘Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling Guide for Plants, Terminals, Storage and Distribution Depots (BLCH Guide)’.

Not all of the cargoes carried on chemical tankers are hazardous. However, most do have some level of safety and/or pollution hazard connected to them. The marine industry recognises this and, through design, regulation and best practice, has controlled or removed many of the hazards.

When reading this book, you may find terms that are new to you. A glossary of technical terms is provided at the end and you should refer to this if you are uncertain about meanings. If you are still unsure, ask a senior officer or other responsible member of the crew.


ISBN : 9781914992636

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