AWS A5.21/A5.21M: 2011 [paper]

AWS A5.21/A5.21M: 2011 [paper]

Title: Specification for Bare Electrodes and Rods for Surfacing.






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AWS A5.21/A5.21M – Specification for Bare Electrodes and Rods for Surfacing, 5th edition.

This specification prescribes the requirements for classification of bare electrodes and rods for surfacing. Solid surfacing electrodes and rods, are classified on the basis of the composition of the material as manufactured. Metal cored and flux cored composite (tubular) surfacing electrodes and rods, are classified on the basis of the chemical composition of the deposited weld metal. Tubular tungsten carbide bare rods are classified on the basis of the mesh range, quantity, and composition of the tungsten carbide granules. A guide is appended to the specification as a source of information concerning the characteristics and applications of the classified electrodes.

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