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Petrochemical & Energy

Petrochemical (oil and gas) standards contain instructions for global petrochemical operations and these provide guidelines to help control cost, ensure risk reduction and quality assurance for refinery operations, manufacturing processes and other petroleum related functions.

Most popular: API, ASME BPVC, ASTM Annual Book of Standards

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Petrochemical & Energy AWWA

AWWA M11: 2017 [paper]

SKU 1052677

Steel Pipe - A Guide for Design and Installation - Fifth Edition. This manual of best practices provides complete information for designing, installing, and maintaining steel pipe and fittings for potable water transmission and distribution. M11 has been completely updated with new and revised information has been incorporated into every chapter within the fifth edition. Additional information on, fittings design, welded joint design, suggested bracing for shipping of pipe, weld details for outlets and crotch plates, aboveground design and more has been added. Updates have been made to materials, external load consideration, buckling analysis, pipe joints, coatings and corrosion prevention. Additionally, a new chapter on thrust design has been added, as well as four new appendices. M11 includes access to an interactive tool for torque calculations Keywords: 9781625762092 , AWWA, Steel Pipe
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