Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use: 2022 [paper]

Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use: 2022 [paper]

3rd edition


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A practical and easy to understand guide to support the Master and the ship’s crew with cyber security risk management. It provides detailed guidance on all aspects of cyber security protection, defence and response (including new sections on remote access, intrusion detection systems and engine department considerations).

Using detailed, step by step checklists, provides a ship’s crew with the practical skills to identify cyber risks and to protect vulnerable onboard systems. It also gives guidance on how best to detect, respond and recover in the event of a cyber attack.

This publication is referenced in ISGOTT 6th editon. as a source of practical guidance for Masters and ship’s crew (ref: ISGOTT 6, section 6.4, para.3).

Section: 1 – Introduction
1.1 Cyber Security Risk Management – IMO Requirements and Guidelines
1.2 Cyber Outlook for Shipping
1.3 Purpose of this Workbook
1.4 Checklists

Section: 2 – Identifying Risks
2.1 Vulnerable Ship Systems
2.2 What is a Cyber Attack?

Section: 3 – Protection, Prevention and Training
3.1 Prevention of Malware Attacks
3.2 Software Updates
3.3 Endpoint Protection
3.4 Passwords
3.5 Cyber Security and the SMS
3.6 Crew Training

Section: 4 – Detect, Respond and Recover: General Principles
4.1 Detecting a Cyber Incident
4.2 Detecting a Cyber Incident Checklist
4.3 Incident Response
4.4 Responding to a Cyber Incident On Board

Section: 5 – Detect, Respond and Recover: Ship’s Business Systems
5.1 Onboard Business Computers
5.2 Network Segregation On Board
5.3 Network Segregation Checklist
5.4 Wireless Networks
5.5 Satellite Communications Equipment
5.6 Cellular Data Connections
5.7 Connecting to Shore WiFi in Port

Section: 6 – Detect, Respond and Recover: OT Systems
6.1 Understanding OT Systems
6.2 Engine Department Considerations
6.3 OT Systems Checklist for Crew
6.4 ECDIS Security
6.5 GNSS Security
6.6 Cyber Security Checks on the Navigation Bridge during Watchkeeping

Section: 7 – OT Cyber Security: Onshore Office and IT Department Considerations
7.1 Ship’s Network Architecture
7.2 OT Asset Management and Risk Assessment
7.3 Securing OT Systems
7.4 Securing the Ethernet IP Network Used by OT Systems
7.5 Remote Access
7.6 Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
7.7 OT Systems Checklist for IT Department/Onshore Office

Annex 1 – Regional Regulatory Guidance
Annex 2 – Checking for Windows Updates
Annex 3 – Creating User Accounts
Annex 4 – Checking for Segregated Networks
Annex 5 – How to Check that Anti-virus Software Updates are Applied
Annex 6 – NMEA 0183
Annex 7 – Example of a Cyber Security Familiarisation Checklist for New Crew Members
Annex 8 – Planning a Crew Training Session
Annex 9 – Further Resources


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