On this page you can find more information about ordering and delivery.

Our popular publications you can order on-line on this website. You may also order by telephone, fax or e-mail:

Tel: +31 70 385 21 04
Fax: +31 70 383 03 00
E-mail: publications@kreisler.nl

At this moment we only show our bestsellers on the website, just to give you an idea of our product range. However, we can supply (almost) every standard or publication there is. Please contact us with your request!

Sending a confirmation of your order is a standard practice. However, receiving that e-mail confirmation in your inbox may not be.
1. Check any spam filters that you have installed, it is possible that your confirmation was snagged by an errant spam filter. You can change that by “whitelisting” us.
2. Make sure you supplied a valid e-mail address and phone number when submitting your order.
3. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please contact us for assistance.

We are constantly checking our e-mails and orders are processed the same day.

  • If you pre-order a future publication, there will be information available on your order confirmation about when you should expect it.
  • Delivery of a standard or publication that is already in print but not in our stock, should generally take no longer than a few days before you receive it.
  • Titles in stock will be shipped the same day if ordered before 3.00 p.m (15.00h).

Need it urgently? Please contact us to see if we can speed up delivery!

We will send you a notification e-mail if the publication you purchased online has been updated. However, to be notified when updates of related publications are available, please sign up for our free Newsletter. It will keep you informed about new publications.

Booksellers / educational institutes are entitled to a trade discount. The discount is depending on quantity, publisher and status of the book. Please contact us for more information.

Bulk orders:
Need a large number of copies? It’s hard to estimate the shipping costs for large orders. For orders of 15 or more copies, please contact us for our best shipping rates and possible discounts.

Need a large number of copies? It’s hard to estimate the shipping costs for large orders. For orders of 15 or more copies, please contact us for our best shipping rates and possible discounts.

Can’t find a book you are looking for, please provide us with full title and/or ISBN and edition of the book you’re looking for.

If it’s available, we will find it!

We accept orders from both private individuals and businesses. However, private individuals will be requested to prepay their orders. Please note that all EU based companies must provide a valid VAT number.

What is an e-book?
An e-book is the digital version of a paper book. You will download the file and it can be opened and read on a tablet (for example iPad), but also on an e-reader or on your computer.

Advantages of an e-book
The first is the ease of use; the books are always and everywhere to download and instantly readable. You can make notes in the text and passages easily through the search feature on your computer, iPad or e-reader. Secondly, provide e-books for space saving; you don’t need piles of books to take on a (business) trip and one device has access to multiple books.

What does DRM stands for?
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, or copyright for digital products.

What format e-books does Kreisler Import sell?
We have the preference for e-books, e-pubs and pdf formats with social DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Can I return an e-book?
On digital / downloadable products, including an e-book, there is no right of return..

Can I print an e-book?
This differs per e-book and is determined by the publisher.

Can I copy or forward an e-book?
Due to the copyrights it is not allowed to copy or e-books by sending it to third parties.

Our NATO CAGE (NCAGE) Code is H5059.

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