IATA Security Management System Manual: 2023 [digital]

IATA Security Management System Manual: 2023 [digital]

IATA SeSM 2023 | 6th edition


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The IATA publication is made available in an e-Reader solution called Bookshelf. Bookshelf Online is accessed through a browser.

The Security Management System (SeMS) Manual is the all-encompassing guidance material to assist entities in building effective aviation security measures through a standardized structure. Focuing on essential aspects of security management, the manual covers a range of topics from defining accountabilities to structuring responsibility assignment, from applying risk assessment to establishing comprehensive communication channels to name a few.

Following the 2016 United Nations Security Council Resolution on Aviation Security (UNSCR 2309), IATA’s 2017 Annual General Meeting affirmed the airline community’s determination to support enhancing the security of civil aviation in its Resolution on Aviation Security. In the view of IATA, the SeMS approach is the one that should be adopted when managing the security given the forecasted growth of passenger traffic in upcoming decades. This 4th edition of the SeMS Manual is just one measure taken by IATA to provide practical guidance that can be applied and adapted to your organization’s needs.

Depending on the way it’s implemented, the SeMS Manual:

  • Enhances a company’s security culture, regulatory collaboration and resource utilization;
  • Provides guidance on implementing efficient, accurate and cost managed controls;
  • Allows for optimum flexibility in the way entities develop and implement security, aviation security in particular, by easily integrating it into your business model;
  • Supports a proactive, strategic and risk-based approach to protective security focusing on outcomes rather than only on rigid compliance with directed requirements (where States allow this);
  • Establishes standards on, for example, incident reporting and reports’ analysis reducing human errors and inconsistencies same time allowing for optimal benchmarking in support of decision-making processes;
  • Gives guidelines on building effective aviation security measures;
  • Improves overall performance and communication within a company, as well as with business partners and State regulators;
  • Assists in the implementation of security-related IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices, including an interactive checklist with a dashboard feature.

Published: October 2021
Effective Date: Nov 1, 2021 until Oct. 31, 2022


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The IATA publication is made available in an e-Reader solution called Bookshelf. Bookshelf Online is accessed through a browser. The publication can also be accessed with the Bookshelf software application, installed on a computer or tablet. When you get your first IATA Digital publication you’ll create a Bookshelf account, and use that account whether using Bookshelf Online or the Bookshelf application.

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SeSM, IATA SeMS, 9797-06, 9789292646394, 978-92-9264-639-4

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