IMO NAVTEX Manual: 2017 [paper]

IMO NAVTEX Manual: 2017 [paper]


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NAVTEX is an international automated direct-printing service for promulgation of navigational and meteorological warnings and other urgent information to ships.

It is one of the two principle methods used for broadcasting maritime safety information in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended. It has been developed to provide a low-cost, simple and automated means of receiving maritime safety information and Search and Rescue alerts on board ships at sea and in coastal waters. The information transmitted may be relevant to all sizes and types of vessel and the selective message-rejection feature ensures that every mariner can receive safety information broadcasts which are relevant to their voyage.

This manual is intended, primarily, for use by maritime Administrations and others concerned with the preparation and broadcasting of maritime safety information. It will also be of interest to seafarers, shipowners and others who need to receive such information in order to safely go about their business at sea.


IE951E, 978-92-801-1662-5, 9789280116625

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